Listen Here - Sean Melly standing as Senate candidate (Trinity Panel)

Businessman and investor Sean Melly has announced today that he is standing as an independent candidate for Trinity in the forthcoming Seanad election. Mr. Melly has over 30 years experience  as a successful international  businessman and has taken  this step because  he believes there should  be more experienced business people involved in government and national decision-making.


I know what is required to start, finance and develop business and create jobs”, said Mr. Melly, “ As a Senator, I will be a voice for business in the Seanad and I will help create an economic environment where enterprise can flourish.”


Following a career in finance in London and New York, Mr. Melly became an entrepreneur  in the global telecoms  industry,  establishing  TCL Telecom in Ireland (acquired by Verizon) and eTel (acquired by Telekom, Austria).   In 1998, he set up Powerscourt Investments and has spent almost 20 years helping, and investing in, Irish entrepreneurs. He has helped launch many successful businesses, employing hundreds of people.


Mr. Melly’s economic  campaign  priorities  include:  the development  of a stronger investment  environment,  restructuring  taxation  policy  to encourage entrepreneurs and improving infrastructure to attract further international investment.


Education  is another area of concern for Mr. Melly. For almost a decade he has been  working  with  Trinity  College’s  leadership  to help  strengthen the university’s future. “Trinity still ranks among the world’s leading universities however, the role of Trinity and other Irish universities as world leaders is threatened by drastic cuts in state  funding”,  said  Mr.  Melly,  “I want  to  help secure  the  future  of  Ireland’s universities  by improving their quality and international  ranking,  restructuring  their funding and increasing their automony.”


Seanad reform is also high on Mr. Melly priority list. “Two years ago the Irish people voted to retain the Seanad, however, we need to make this institution more relevant and effective.”