Sean Melly on Fossil Fuel Free TCD - Press Release

“I understand Trinity College is considering changing their investments from fossil fuel companies to other areas of investment”, says Seanad candidate and businessman, Sean Melly.

Mr. Melly, who is a strong supporter of alternative energy sources, sought clarification on this matter, following the current ‘Fossil Fuel Free TCD’ campaign.  Mr. Melly understands that Trinity has a portfolio of investments, of which only 2.5% are in fossil fuel companies and that Trinity is currently considering alternative investments for this part of their investment fund.

Mr Melly is involved with Trinity’s leadership, as a member of the Provost’s Council, board member of Trinity Foundation and Chairman of the Business School.

“I have been working with and investing in alternative energy companies for years, and I wanted to get to the facts relating to Trinity’s investments in this area” says Mr Melly.

Mr. Melly has long been an environmental supporter. He has been researching alternative energy sources for several years and has, for example invested in a green company, Solar Adtek, which is a provider solar power and LED lighting systems. This product is environmentally friendly and has zero carbon emissions.

“Investing in the alternative energy sector makes sense to me.  You are improving the quality of life for people while at the same time solving a real world problem. “, says Mr Melly