Senator Feargal Quinn endorses Sean Melly for Seanad

Dublin Ireland, 1 April, 2016:

Sean Melly is honoured to receive Senator Feargal Quinn’s endorsement for his campaign to win a Seanad seat (Trinity panel). Senator Quinn released this announcement today:

 “Having spent over 20 years as a Senator representing the business community, I am delighted to endorse and encourage you to vote No. 1 for Sean Melly as a new voice for business in the Seanad.  Sean will be a strong representative and bring a business-like approach to decision-making.”, said Senator Feargal Quinn in his statement.

“It is a great honour to have the endorsement of Senator Feargal Quinn. “ says Mr. Melly, “ I am pleased that he sees me as a new voice for business in the Seanad. I have a huge admiration for Senator Quinn and his work in the Seanad over the past 20 years. He has had a significant impact on public life and has inspired my decision to get involved in government. “Throughout his political career, Senator Quinn has been a strong voice for business in the Seanad and has informed policy and decision-making in a powerful way.”

“As a businessman, Senator Quinn transformed the supermarket retail landscape in Ireland, he restructured An Post and helped launch the National Lottery.“, says Mr Melly, “As a Senator, he has made an immense contribution to public life in his time in the Seanad, introducing 17 bills, many of which became law. “

“I hope that Senator Feargal Quinn’s example will encourage more business people to get involved government.”, says Mr. Melly,  “ I want to be a voice for business in the Seanad and want to help to get things done through fact-based decision making, focusing on outcomes and most importantly, making a significant impact on the future of our country. “